Patented product

and complies with the WHO protocols

StablevaX™ has been designed to meet the criteria for usage required by the WHO.

The approved liquid vaccines are dried from a solution of the stabilising sugar trehalose into the pores of a special sponge stored in a normal vaccination syringe. The vaccine therefore is protected, stored in the sponge, and housed inside a standard syringe at the correct dosage. Simply add water to use.

Stabilising the vaccine onto a “sponge” allows for it to be placed within the barrel of an ordinary syringe. Our technology will allow us to manufacture StablevaX™ as preloaded syringes, filled with the correct individual doses.

Stabilising and drying

there is no need for refrigeration

Our founder Dr Bruce Roser identified that the process operating in the “Resurrection Plant” that can survive for decades without water and then resurrect itself, could be used to stabilise other products.

By dehydrating vaccines and using the process that nature uses, we can achieve a form of safe ‘suspended animation’ to stabilise most vaccines.

We don’t make or develop vaccines - we take existing WHO approved vaccines, stabilise them, and deliver them in a unique way with our patented process.

Trehalose’s stabilising properties are already used in c. 25 approved pharmaceuticals worldwide. To date we have identified c. 90 vaccines suitable for our process – once approved this will be a future game changer. 

Administering to the patient

without any change to current practice

The StablevaX™ product consists of an auto disable syringe containing a vaccine stabilised within a compressible “sponge”

  • Water is drawn into syringe prior to injection, this results in the liberation of vaccine from the “sponge”
  • Air is removed from the syringe following standard practice
  • Vaccine is then administered via compression of the “sponge” by the plunger, we use auto - disabling syringes 

Technology has been tested with positive results

6 years of R&D work concluded with an independent study conducted by UK’s National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) that confirmed a StablevaX™ version of the Tetanus vaccine produced the same level of antibody response as the existing fresh vaccine produced by leading pharmaceutical companies.

Having achieved this milestone of successful testing in animals, we are now able to move forward to the next milestone of First in Human Clinical Trials.

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