vaccine revolution

The Revolution

The Breakthrough to create Thermostable Vaccines

The combination of guaranteed immunisation and the avoidance of thermal damage would mean that stabilised vaccines could be safely delivered and that all vaccinated patients would be protected. Vaccines will be safely delivered even to the remotest parts of the world where the need is greatest.

Once the Stablevax invention receives regulatory approval and is licensed for use, there will be no need for the cold chain for the majority of current vaccines. Our process will potentially save massive amounts of annual expenditure on transportation, refrigerated storage and equipment, thereby enabling more vaccines to be safely delivered resulting in more lives saved. Stablepharma’s safe, cheap and simple delivery system for stable vaccines will save many of these lives.

The Unreliable Cold Chain

All vaccines must be stored in a refrigerator running between 2 – 8°C. This requirement starts as the vaccine is made and leaves the factory gate, all the way to the patient in the field. If the vaccine is over chilled and frozen anywhere on this journey, it will be damaged, similarly if it is overheated it will suffer the same fate.

More than 50% of all vaccines manufactured in the world each year are destroyed before they can be used. The storage and transportation system is responsible for much of this loss which. In some cases is as high as 70%.

The international ‘Cold Chain’ for vaccine delivery maintained by the WHO / UNICEF / etc. costs about $300 Million every year to run, yet in practice remains only ~partially effective.