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Our vision is a world where vaccine access is no longer a privilege

Our founder Dr Bruce Roser’s extensive research led to the discovery of an innovative and disruptive technology that will eliminate vaccine wastage and save lives

Every 20 seconds a child dies from a vaccine preventable disease

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The Stablepharma Story

Stablepharma’s founder Dr Bruce Roser identified and patented the process of using Trehalose to achieve a state of ‘suspended animation’ in a sugar glass to thermally stabilize many vaccines. Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar with remarkable chemical stability that can stabilise delicate molecules against very hostile environments. This property is observed naturally in some living organisms, most notably in the case of the “resurrection” plant.

Dr Bruce Roser and Dr. Arcadio Garcia De Castro, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) have worked together for decades, including at Cambridge Biostability in the UK. Between them, they have over 70 years of experience stabilising pharmaceutical products, including vaccines which they are now applying at Stablepharma.

Intellectual property that underpins Stablepharma’s technology platform is the culmination of decades of experience by our lead scientists. The unique value of StablevaX™ will be its ability to enable vaccines to be stored in even the most inhospitable parts of the world, negating the expensive and unreliable ‘Cold Chain’ and thereby allowing vaccines to reach everyone, everywhere.

What motivates us

The problem

Vaccines are thermally unstable products that lose their effectiveness if exposed to temperatures which are either too hot or too cold. Most vaccines require constant refrigeration between 2-8°C. COVID mRNA vaccines require even lower temperature cold chain – up to -80°C. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 50% of the world’s vaccines are rendered useless each year due to failings of the existing refrigeration processes (known as the ‘The Cold Chain’) used for delivery and storage.

The human cost

There are 3 million child deaths per annum that are currently prevented by vaccination – we want to help vastly improve this number. The “Cold Chain” failure reduces the effectiveness of vaccination programmes, and this can lead to unnecessary deaths and the possible re-emergence of disease.

StablevaX™ will extend the shelf life of most vaccines at high temperatures, allowing for safe distribution and storage, for many years, without loss of potency.

The economic cost

The World Health Organization reports that over 50% of vaccines are wasted around the world each year. Given global vaccines sales of $60 billion in 2020, wastage equates to $30 billion per year.

The global cost of the ‘Cold Chain’ is estimated at $ 400m per annum. It is unreliable, expensive and fails frequently.

Stablepharma’s novel StablevaX™ technology can save costs dramatically while improving global health outcomes.

The carbon footprint

The storage and cold-chain supply of vaccines has caused a significant environmental impact. For example, 541.71 million doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine administered in the United States of America equates to 595,881 kg of Co2. This is equivalent to over 2 million miles in an average petrol car or over 2,100 economy class return flights from London to Berlin.

Stablepharma aims to reduce the impact of vaccines on the environment by eliminating the need for the cold-chain. This will enable next generation of mRNA vaccines to be completely fridge-free, thereby reducing the carbon footprint, reducing vaccine wastage and saving lives through better immunisation.

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