StablevaX™, a simple and powerful invention that stands
to resolve a major World Health issue and save lives

Stablepharma is an ethical business with clear commercial opportunities

We have invented a truly disruptive solution that eliminates the need for refrigeration ('The Cold Chain') and eradicates vaccine wastage

StablevaX™ is the only patented product that stabilises vaccines and complies with WHO protocols

StablevaX™ eliminates the need for refrigeration

StablevaX™ is administered to patients without any change to current practice

StablevaX is a very disruptive technology which has the potential to greatly improve the success of vaccination programmes around the world

Professor Alan Boyd, CEO Boyds Consultants and former President of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Royal College of Physicians

I am investing in Stablepharma, half because of the potential impact on World Health, and half because of the investment opportunity

Dr Inga Zaytseva

Vaccines are the most cost-effective health care interventions there are. A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare

Ezekiel Jonathan "Zeke" Emanuel - American oncologist and bioethicist and senior fellow at the Centre for American Progress

Vaccines are a miracle; they're fantastic. Anything that makes people hesitate to give their children vaccines according to the recommended schedule creates risk. Risk for the children who don't get vaccinated and risk for other children, some of whom don't have an immune system, so they're benefiting from the fact that the community protection means the disease doesn't get to them

Bill Gates

The best vaccine imaginable is only valuable to the extent we get it to everyone who needs it

Seth Franklin Berkley, M.D., CEO of the GAVI Alliance and a global advocate on the power of vaccines

When you're a large company with significant market share, it's tempting to view market disruptions as a threat, but we view them as an opportunity

John T Chambers, former Chairman & CEO of Cisco Systems

Vaccines are the tugboats of preventive health

William Herbert Foege M.D., M.P.H. is credited with "devising the global strategy that led to the eradication of smallpox in the late 1970s"

It’s rare that most of us get an opportunity to participate in such a worthy project and perhaps leave our thumbprint on the planet, in such a positive way?

Nick Child, MD Stablepharma

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