Doctors and vaccine

The Revolution in Vaccine Delivery

In 2012 Stablepharma was founded to further the research, development and marketing of a patented invention that will enable commercially viable, thermostable vaccines to become a reality.

Our patent protected product, StableVax, enable vaccines to be stabilised against temperature driven degradation, whilst introducing no supplementary equipment, required knowhow or changes to the processes for administering vaccines in the field.

Crucially, StableVax eliminates reliance on the expensive and unreliable temperature-controlled transportation system vaccines require today, known as the “cold chain”.

Prone to human error and technical failure, especially in the developing world, where the need for effective vaccines is greatest, cold chain failures currently result in a large proportion of the ~50% of vaccines produced annually which are damaged and rendered useless.

Commercially-viable thermostable vaccines are the only practical, long-term solution to this problem. Ideally, to further improve safety such vaccines should also be in single dose format prefilled in the factory. StableVax fulfils both requirements.

The stabilisation technology used in our StableVax product has now been proven to stabilise multiple-vaccine types and we have now validated the product’s effectiveness in independently verified WHO-approved trials in animals.