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Stablevax is a disruptive technology platform which produces fridge-free vaccines to reduce the need for the global cold chain, reduce vaccine wastage and save lives through better immunisation.

Stablepharma is developing, potentially the world’s first fridge-free vaccine SPVX02,
a uniquely formulated pharmaceutical product for the prevention of Tetanus and Diphtheria.

Our vision is to save lives and reduce global wastage by making fridge-free vaccines a reality.

Stablepharma is developing, potentially the world’s first fridge-free vaccine for the prevention of Tetanus and Diphtheria (SPVX02)Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam MBE, the UK’s former Deputy Chief Medical Officer joins the Stablepharma Advisory Board

An official partner of The Commonwealth at 75, a commemorative publication produced by The History of Parliament and St James’s House

The Reality

A child dying every 20 seconds is an unacceptable statistic. Stablepharma is committed to launching the world’s first fridge-free vaccines, reducing the need for the cold chain and enabling stockpiling anywhere in the world.

Fridge-Free Vaccines

Our novel StablevaX™ technology is designed to dramatically enhance the performance of existing and new vaccines, thermally stabilise and deliver a wide range of vaccines without the requirement for refrigeration.

Expanding Access

Stablepharma’s fridge-free vaccines can help expand access to patients and increase the success of immunisation programmes.

The WHO state that roughly 50% of vaccines are wasted due mostly to failures in the cold chain.
Stablepharma aims to ensure that all vaccines can be removed from the refrigerated cold chain and stored for months or even years at room temperature.

Stablepharma Technology

StablevaX™ is a novel technology that enhances thermostability of existing approved vaccines, following current WHO protocols.

Zero Refrigeration

StablevaX™ technology eliminates the need for refrigeration/cold chain entirely, extending shelf-life and enabling strategic stockpiling.

Existing Administration Practice

StablevaX™ technology is designed with the aim of administering to patients without any change to current practice.

Environmental Impact

StablevaX™ technology reduces the environmental impact of the global cold chain.

We use our StablevaX™ technology to reformulate and thermo-stabilise existing and new vaccines in partnership with vaccine manufacturers. Through this, we reduce the need for the cold-chain, reduce wastage, costs and carbon emissions. To find out more:

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