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Stablepharma actively partners with global vaccine manufacturers, world-class academic institutions, leading manufacturing organisations, as well as NGOs and Government Organisations to advance its programmes.

Our Partners

Stablepharma, with its commercial and academic partners, has generated strong in-vitro and in-vivo data for its vaccine programmes including Tetanus, Tetanus & Diphtheria and COVID mRNA. Studies have shown repeatedly that StablevaX™ vaccines elicit strong immune response in animals even after being exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time.

Stablepharma has a strategic R&D, exclusive supply and commercialisation partnership agreement in place with the European vaccine manufacturer BB-NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio) to produce, potentially the world’s first ‘fridge-free’ Td-StablevaX™ vaccine (SPVX02) as well as the mono-Tetanus vaccine (SPVX06).

We have established partnerships with two leading UK Universities: University of Southampton to conduct our First in Human Clinical Trials for the Td vaccine; and the University of Strathclyde to progress our mRNA stabilisation project for Covid-19 vaccines.

Stablepharma has worked with the UK’s The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) to conduct animal trials, in order to confirm that the StablevaX™ tetanus vaccine (SPVX06) induces the same level of antibody response as the positive control vaccine.

Innovate UK has provided grant funding to Stablepharma to progress the R&D and product development work for the StablevaX™-Td vaccine (SPVX02).

We welcome collaborations and partnerships to advance our technology and product portfolio, please email info@stablepharma.com.

Our white paper

Illustrative Examples of Extraordinary stability of vaccines when dried in Trehalose

A world changing invention for the stabilisation of vaccines.

Illustrative Examples of Extraordinary stability of vaccines when dried in Trehalose

We use our StablevaX™ technology to reformulate and thermo-stabilise existing and new vaccines in partnership with vaccine manufacturers. Through this, we reduce the need for the cold-chain, reduce wastage, costs and carbon emissions. To find out more:

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