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StablevaX™ is an adaptable technology platform that creates fridge-free vaccines to reduce the need for the global cold chain, reduces vaccine wastage and saves lives.

Through our reformulation process, our technology can dramatically enhance the stability of existing and new vaccines and pharmaceutical products.

Our StablevaX™ technology consists of a pre-filled, pre-dosed syringe containing a precisely dosed, stabilised vaccine.

Sterile water is drawn into syringe prior to injection, this results in the reconstitution of the vaccine regardless of the volume of water drawn. The vaccine is then administered.

Administering to the patient

without any change to current practice

StablevaX™ has been designed to meet the criteria for usage required by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its use in the field requires little or no extra training.

Stablepharma does not make or develop new vaccines – we take existing vaccines and stabilise them, using our StablevaX™ technology. By housing the pre-dosed and stable vaccine in a syringe, we ensure safe, efficient, and waste-free delivery without the need for the cold chain.

Technology has been tested with positive results

Stablepharma, with its commercial and academic partners, has generated strong in-vitro and in-vivo data for its vaccine programmes including Tetadif (Td) and COVID mRNA. Studies have shown repeatedly that StablevaX™ elicits a strong immune response in animals even after being exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time.

StablevaX™ technology has generated wide range of data including pre-clinical animal challenge potency, ELISA and other analytical assays. If you are interested in learning more about our results, please get in touch: info@stablepharma.com.

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Stabilising and drying

there is no need for refrigeration

We use our StablevaX™ technology to reformulate and thermo-stabilise existing and new vaccines in partnership with vaccine manufacturers. Through this, we reduce the need for the cold-chain, reduce wastage, costs and carbon emissions. To find out more:

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