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Stablepharma R&D Centre, Spain

Stablepharma’s R&D Centre is situated within QUBE Technology Park in Madrid, Spain. Our experienced science team have significant expertise in reformulation and stabilisation technologies.

Stablepharma achieved an important milestone with StablevaX™-Td (SPVX02) in collaboration with our strategic partner BB–NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio) having successfully demonstrated accelerated stability for up to 12 months at +45ºC.

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Our Science Team are based at Stablepharma’s R&D Centre in Qube Technology Park, 20 miles from Madrid International Airport. Dr Arcadio Garcia de Castro, Chief Scientific Officer is supported by Juana de la Torres, Senior R&D Manager and the wider team in Madrid.

The specialist team continue their work validating the high-temperature stability of vaccines for prolonged periods of time without loss of potency. The StablevaX™ is a novel technology platform designed to dramatically enhance the thermo-stability of existing and new vaccines. It has shown strong in-vitro and in-vivo data with Tetadif (Td) and COVID mRNA. To date, the R&D Centre have identified over 60 vaccines suitable for StablevaX™.

The Science Team in Spain work closely with Stablepharma’s partners: EU Manufacturer BB-NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio), the University of StrathclydeUniversity Hospital Southampton and University Hospital La Paz in Madrid, forging the way to making fridge-free vaccines a reality.

Qube Technology Park offers 10.000 m2 dedicated laboratories and a Business Center, housing over 40 technology and biotech companies and providing services for Animal Toxicology, Formulation Services, Lyophilisation and Quality Control.


“The technology is proven, the company continues to hit its development milestones and Stablepharma has outlined a path to both humanitarian and commercial success, which is a compelling investment story and one that I and my fellow investors strongly support”.

Will Iselin, Stablepharma Investor

We use our StablevaX™ technology to reformulate and thermo-stabilise existing and new vaccines in partnership with vaccine manufacturers. Through this, we reduce the need for the cold-chain, reduce wastage, costs and carbon emissions. To find out more:

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