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The Interview Series – Juana de la Torre Arrieta, Development Operations Lead, Stablepharma

Juana de la Torre Arrieta, Stablepharma’s Development Operations Lead, is based in our Madrid R&D center, from where our science team operates. Juana kindly agreed to respond to a number of questions about her personal and working life, what influenced her into the sciences and, ultimately what is it about Stablepharma that stimulates her curious nature?

My background as a biochemist and biologist has equipped me with a diverse skill set, ranging from academic research to working in large organizations and in precision medicine. However, it was my experience in basic cancer research and exposure to patient care that truly ignited my passion for making a tangible impact in society. When I learned about Stablepharma and its mission to revolutionize healthcare by eliminating the cold chain and enhancing vaccine accessibility worldwide, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to channel my skills and expertise toward a cause that aligns with my values and aspirations.

What is your personal passion in life and how does this tie into your life at Stablepharma?

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am deeply passionate about sports and art. These interests drive me to continually seek improvement and innovation, much like the spirit of Stablepharma. Just as in sports, where speed and agility are essential, I believe in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare with a keen eye for cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches. Additionally, my appreciation for art has instilled in me a unique perspective, allowing me to approach challenges from different angles and find creative solutions. As part of the Stablepharma team, I find immense satisfaction in the daily challenges we encounter and the opportunity to leverage my passion for innovation to drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry.

Juana went on to explain what it is about Stablepharma that keeps her fully engaged. “It is not only its groundbreaking mission to transform healthcare but also the collaborative and driven team behind it. The company’s commitment to innovation, coupled with its focus on making a real difference in global health, resonates deeply with me. Every day, I am inspired by the collective determination of our team to overcome challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible in vaccine technology”.

Who has been a big influence in your life, personal and/or work?

In addition to my professional influences, individuals like Margarita Salas, a renowned scientist, and my grandmother, a pioneering teacher, have played significant roles in shaping my values and aspirations. Margarita Salas’ inspiring journey fuelled my desire to make a meaningful impact in society, while my grandmother’s trailblazing spirit instilled in me a strong sense of determination and resilience.

Juana explained that it is her curiosity that has given her a real focus on science.
“Curiosity has always been at the core of my personality, driving my fascination with science and discovery. It is this insatiable curiosity that motivates me to explore new frontiers, ask critical questions, and seek innovative solutions to complex challenges. It keeps me moving form one challenge to another”.

Curiosity has always been at the core of my personality, driving my fascination with science and discovery.

If you could achieve one thing in life that could impact the world, what would it be and why?

Well I have two things that I will share with you – the first would undoubtedly be ensuring universal access to vaccines. Vaccines save lives and are a cornerstone of public health. With Stablepharma’s pioneering work in eliminating the cold chain and improving vaccine distribution, I am confident that we can make significant strides toward this goal.
The second would be the development of a universal vaccine to treat cancer. Such a breakthrough would revolutionise oncology treatment, offering hope to millions of individuals affected by this devastating disease. With advancements in medical research and innovation, coupled with collaborative efforts, I believe Stablepharma can make progress towards this ambitious objective and change the landscape of cancer care worldwide perhaps through our mRNA projects.

What impact could Stablepharma have in the world of science and healthcare?

Stablepharma’s innovative technology has the potential to revolutionise the world of science and healthcare. By eliminating the need for refrigeration and extending the shelf life of vaccines, Stablepharma’s solutions can address critical challenges in vaccine distribution, reduce wastage, and improve access to life-saving immunizations, particularly in underserved communities around the globe. The impact of this technology extends far beyond conventional vaccines, offering possibilities for enhancing the stability and accessibility of other technologies, like mRNA vaccines or biopharmaceutical products, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare system worldwide.

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