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Dr. Bruce Roser featured in a recent Pharma Technology article on Pandemic Logistics

Dr Bruce Roser was featured in a recent piece from the Pharma Technology publication addressing the manufacturing and logistic challenges facing the worldwide deployment of a COVID-19 vaccine. See an excerpt below, and read the full article here.

“UK-based Stablepharma has come up with a solution for stabilised vaccines so that they are no longer reliant on refrigeration or freezing and can be “stored at room temperature, even if that is a tropical temperature, for many years,” explains the company’s chairman and founder Dr Bruser Roser. It also “enables them to be transported around the world without any damage”, thereby eliminating unnecessary vaccine waste.

Roser explains that StableVax technology does this by drying approved liquid vaccines and stabilising them using the sugar trehalose into a special sponge in a normal vaccination syringe. To administer the dose, the nurse or doctor simply needs to add water to liberate the vaccine from the sponge.”