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Experienced R&D Manager Joins the Stablepharma Team

Juana de la Torre Arrieta, with degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, recently joined the Stablepharma team as R&D Manager working closely with Dr Arcadio Garcia de Castro (Head of R&D).

Both Arcadio and Juana are based in our R&D facility at Qube Technology Park in Madrid. From the point of entering the building, you can feel the vibrant atmosphere that Qube offers, housing over 50 innovative companies within this state-of-the-art facility that provides offices, laboratories and common facilities for biotechnology and pharma companies.

When I asked Juana why she felt so passionate about joining the Stablepharma team, given her background in larger organisations such as GSK, she explained enthusiastically that this role gave her the opportunity to make a real difference within the world of healthcare and specifically, accessibility of vaccines. ‘I truly believe in providing the best possible healthcare solutions to patients. I thrive on meeting challenges head on, that will ultimately have an impact on the healthcare industry. StablevaX™ is an opportunity to make a real difference’.

Stablepharma is bringing a novel device to market that stands to significantly improve the way most vaccines are distributed globally. StablevaX™ technology is aimed at providing thermostable vaccines in preloaded autodestruct syringes, greatly simplifying the way vaccines are administered, whilst reducing the current wastage of the ‘Cold Chain’, globally estimated to be $400m each year. Stablepharma is aiming to initiate first in human clinical trials by early 2021.

‘My area of expertise is around project delivery, being proactive, addressing and finding solutions to challenges. I have a strong background in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology and have a global perspective of Life Sciences, having worked in Spain, South America and Ireland and having collaborated with international companies based in the UK, USA and China’.

Juana had no doubts when considering joining the team at Stablepharma. She felt from the outset that the level of experience and depth of knowledge amongst the team was a clear indicator that she was making the right decision, along with the opportunity of working closely with Dr Arcadio Garcia de Castro and Dr Bruce Roser. ‘We are making great progress with a unique product and incredible technology that has the chance to change the way vaccines are stored and delivered’.

Nick Child, Managing Director of Stablepharma added, ‘We are really pleased to see Juana join our R&D Team in Madrid. With her experience in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and her passion to improve healthcare, specifically accessibility to vaccines, she is the perfect addition to the team’.