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Innovate UK awards Stablepharma a second grant to advance fridge-free vaccines

Stablepharma Ltd, the Fridge-free Vaccine Company, has been awarded a second Innovate UK Grant, in partnership with University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, as it commences a bridge-funding round in Q4 2023.

This joint Innovate UK grant will advance the clinical development of Stablepharma’s lead candidate, SPVX02, a fridge-free vaccine for the prevention of Tetanus and Diphtheria, validating its safety and efficacy through first-in-human clinical trials.

“This is a great endorsement of the work our R&D team are doing to achieve Stablepharma’s vision of making fridge-free vaccines a reality,” said Özgür Tuncer, CEO & Executive Director. “As we know, there are vast challenges within the global cold chain which hinder the efficient distribution and storage of vaccines. ‘Tetanus, for example, remains an important global public health concern. For example, in some countries we see low immunisation rates and a lack of provision of tetanus booster vaccinations which leads to poor protection in these populations throughout their lives,” added Özgür.

Professor Saul Faust OBE, of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, will lead the clinical trials for the SPVX02 vaccine. ‘’Project success has the tremendous potential to eradicate vaccine wastage and remove the need for cold-chain transportation and storage – this will have huge benefits that will ultimately increase the availability of safe and effective vaccines to patients globally”, said Professor Faust.

Stablepharma’s technology platform, StablevaX™ converts existing approved vaccines to fridge-free status. By creating pre-dosed and thermostable vaccines, it will ensure safe, efficient and waste-free delivery without the need for the often-unreliable cold chain.

“Although these are challenging times economically, we continue to see an increased level of interest from investors”.

Özgür Tuncer, CEO & Executive Director

“As we progress towards first-in-human clinical trials for SPVX02, we are delighted to welcome Dr Karen O’Hanlon to the Stablepharma team as Head of Clinical Development,’ said Özgür. ‘Karen, having been VP of Clinical Operations for Boyds, our long-term regulatory advisor, will lead the clinical development of SPVX02 with Professor Faust.”

Stablepharma recently announced that it will commence a bridge-funding round in Q4 2023 to progress the launch of SPVX02 (Td), a second fridge-free vaccine SPVX06 (Tetanus mono) and their mRNA research programme. “Although these are challenging times economically, we continue to see an increased level of interest from investors, shareholders, partners and vaccine manufacturers in our fridge-free vaccine technology, StablevaX™ ,” said Özgür Tuncer.

Stablepharma actively partners with global vaccine manufacturers, academic institutions and NGOs. Stablepharma has a manufacturing agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific for the GMP manufacture of SPVX02.

Photo; Numstoker / Shutter stock