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Stablepharma sign a second exclusive supply agreement to develop a fridge-free Tetanus vaccine

Stablepharma Ltd, the Fridge-free Vaccine Company and BB-NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio) European vaccine manufacturer, have signed a second agreement for the exclusive bulk supply and commercialisation of the Tetanus vaccine (SPVX06). This agreement follows a similar arrangement with Bul Bio for the Tetanus diphtheria vaccine (SPVX02) in September 2022.

“As a result of this strategic partnership we will be jointly developing the world’s first ‘fridge free’ Tetanus diphtheria (SPVX02) and Tetanus (SPVX06) vaccines’, said Özgür Tuncer, CEO & Executive Director of Stablepharma. ‘We have exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute globally, and Stablepharma will own the global marketing authorisation, registration and sales of the fridge-free vaccines”.

Stablepharma also has in place a manufacturing agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific [NYSE:TMO] https://thermofisher.com for the GMP manufacture of both SPVX02 and SPVX06 vaccines.

Stablepharma’s technology platform, StablevaX™ converts existing approved vaccines to fridge-free status. By creating pre-dosed and stable vaccines, it ensures safe, efficient and waste-free delivery without the need for the cold chain. Recent animal potency challenge test results demonstrated that the tetanus component of the StablevaX™-Td vaccine remains thermostable and as potent as the reference vaccine, after exposure to +45°C for 12 months. https://stablepharma.com/new-data-shows-stablevax-td-stable-for-12-months/

“Our relationship with Stablepharma continues to progress with this second agreement for the Tetanus vaccine’ said Roumen Kofinov, MD, General Manager of BB-NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio) https://www.bulbio.com/en.html. ‘Worldwide, 75 million women and their babies remain unprotected against maternal and neonatal tetanus₁’. ‘With this statistic in mind, I am convinced that together with Stablepharma, we are paving the way forward and fulfilling the guidelines of WHO to bring thermostable, fridge-free vaccines to mankind”.

Stablepharma is working closely with partners Boyds Consultants  https://boydconsultants.com/ to pursue the regulatory requirements for the reformulated Tetanus diphtheria vaccine (SPVX02). “This is another milestone towards achieving our vision of making fridge-free vaccines a reality and accessible to everyone, everywhere’, added Özgür. ‘We will continue to work with BB-NCIPD Ltd (Bul Bio) and Boyds Consultants in progressing both SPVX02 and SPVX06”.

“Our R&D team have identified up to 60 vaccine candidates that could be suitable for StablevaX™ technology to dramatically enhance the performance of existing and new vaccines’, said Nick Child, VP & Co-Founder of Stablepharma. ‘By eliminating the need for the cold-chain, our product pipeline could result in substantial health economic savings and reduce the impact of the cold chain’s current CO2 emissions”.

There are currently no fridge-free Tetanus or Diphtheria vaccine solutions on the marketplace.

₁. Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People™