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StablevaX™ United States of America patent granted!

Stablepharma Ltd is delighted to announce that the StablevaX™ invention to thermally stabilise vaccines, has just been granted a patent by the USPTO in the United States of America.

This is probably the companies most commercially important patent granted to date and now completes our portfolio of successful grants in 14 international jurisdictions.

Nick Child, MD at Stablepharma noted ‘this is really great news for the company after what has been an 8-year detailed but positive journey with the USPTO – the world’s busiest patent office – and then following the news that we have just been awarded a UK Innovate Smart grant, we are having a good month’.

StablevaX™ …..eradicating the ‘cold chain’ and saving lives

Stablepharma is developing the vaccine stabilisation and delivery system “StablevaX™” aiming to convert most vaccines, including some RNA type vaccines into shelf stable products configured in a single pre-dosed format – instantly ready to inject and will require no refrigeration.

For more information, please contact: nchild@stablepharma.com