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How can I make a return on my investment?

There are two ways you could make a return on your investment: (1) selling your share in the company for more than you paid for it, and (2) receiving dividends from the company.


Selling your shares

Ideally, the business you’ve invested in will grow to a point where it lists on the stock market (“going public”), is bought by a larger company, or the company management buys back equity from investors. At that point, you might be able to sell your shares and make a profit.

You can also express interest in selling  any shares in a company in your portfolio through Cubex, our secondary market, potentially realising the value of your investment without having to wait for one of the above liquidity events.

Expressing interest to buy or sell shares doesn’t guarantee that the transaction will happen, but if buy- and sell-side demands are met, we will seek to facilitate the transaction with the company and let you know when the sale goes live.

Cubex is currently in beta, but we’re working on the full roll-out now. Find out more and register your interest in buying or selling shares.


Receiving dividends

In addition, if the company you’ve invested in becomes profitable, it may be able to pay dividends.

Read more, including some examples of the exits and dividends our investor community have realised, on our investor returns page.