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Stablepharma listed in ‘Who are the UK’s leading startups making waves in impact investing? by FinMag

The United Kingdom is a hub for innovative startups and companies in the realm of impact investing, a variety of investing that seeks to generate both financial return and social or environmental good. Impact investing is fast gaining traction as we move towards a more responsible and sustainable way of doing business. It aligns money with values, letting investors support companies that bring about positive change, while also generating profitable returns. Let’s explore 15 interesting impact investing startups and companies in the UK.

These companies range widely in their industry sectors, services, and business models. From financial services and investment management to advisory firms and biotechnology ventures, these firms offer a diverse spectrum of opportunities for impact investing. Regardless of their foci, all these companies are united by a common thread — their commitment to creating tangible social or environmental impacts alongside financial gains. Let’s delve deeper into understanding what makes each of these companies unique in their endeavours.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these companies, their founding teams, services, and why they’re worth your attention in the world of impact investing. So, whether you’re an investor seeking promising ventures, an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, or simply curious about impact investing, this overview should provide valuable insights.

Aberdeen Standard

First on the list is Aberdeen Standard, a holding company offering investment services through which clients can also obtain a reasonable income. Specialising in the financial services and impact investing sector, Aberdeen Standard demonstrates a unique approach to its operations, though its founders remain anonymous.

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Active Investments

Active Investments is a company that serves as packagers and distributors for all types of finance firms. They represent multiple industries including customer service, financial services, impact investing, and shipping broker.


EBI is an investment firm that blows into the winds of change by offering services like asset management providers, earth portfolios, vault, software, and innovation to investing. Their primary industry encompasses asset management, financial services, and impact investing.

Latium Enterprises

Offering a broad scope of services across numerous industries is the Latium Enterprises. This single-family office operates in the advice, finance, home improvement, impact investing, information technology, legal, renewable energy, and venture capital sectors.

LS Investments

LS Investments, an investment management company, has carved a niche for itself in the field of financial services and impact investing.

Modulus Financial Planning

Operating in financial services, impact investing, and retirement sector is Modulus Financial Planning. This firm offers services like retirement planning, investment, consulting, pension, and modelling.

Sound Financial Planning Group

Sound Financial Planning Group serves as a financial advisory firm that empowers their clients by providing investment management, estate, and retirement strategy services. They specialize in advice, financial services, impact investing, retirement, and wealth management.

Stablepharma Ltd

Stablepharma Ltd, co-founded by Dr. Bruce Roser and Nick Child, is a disruptive platform offering the StablevaX™ technology. With the aim of producing fridge-free vaccines, Stablepharma Ltd is set to revolutionise the biotechnology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industry.

Woodhill Asset Management LLP

Woodhill Asset Management LLP specializes in financial services, offering primarily investment & asset management and insurance services.

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Path Financial

Straying from the conventional route, Path Financial operates as a financial consulting agency. This firm offers a wealth of solutions for sustainable and impact investing, pensions, and wealth.

Fidelity China Special Situations

Fidelity China Special Situations Plc is an independent firm that offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise, demonstrating the potential of impact investing.

Platinum Financial Planning

Platinum Financial is a financial advice firm working in the field of advice, finance, and impact investing.

Property investors network

Property investors network is a platform providing advisory services for transacting in real estate properties. They represent industries like education, impact investing, real estate, and training.


OneAscent, backed up by its founder Jeff Rogers, provides services ranging from financial planning, legacy coaching, retirement planning, to taxation, estate planning, and investment management services.

Invictus Strategy Associates

With a vision to transform businesses, Invictus Strategy Associates, founded by Daniel Campion, offers a unique blend of services in strategy, finance, and policy to the private, public, and social sectors. They operate in the advice, consulting, and impact investing industries.

As we journey towards a more sustainable future, these impact investing startups and companies continue to pave the way, showing that it is possible to marry profits with purpose. Impact investing bridges the gap between philanthropy and traditional investing, providing not only financial returns but also a positive impact on society and the environment. The UK, with its diverse range of innovative firms, is certainly a place to look at for capturing this emerging trend.


Photo; iQoncept / Shutterstock