Stablepharma Technology

A world changing invention
for the stabilisation of vaccines

Vaccine Delivery

The Revolution in Vaccine Delivery

Stablepharma Ltd was formed to take the invention of this revolutionary process for vaccine stabilisation though to global commercialisation.

The discovery of ‘how to’ stabilise and deliver vaccines represents over 15 years of R&D work by Dr Bruce Roser, a pre-eminent scientist in this field.

The company has filed patents in 146 countries.

The process and invention was introduced to the WHO (World Health Organisation, Geneva) by invitation in 2012 and they have been able to assist the company with guidance in the development and accreditation process.

The company is UK based and has engaged a European laboratory, expert in this technology, as its partner for final product development.

Stablepharma expects to have an approved, cost effective, product ready for an initial market launch in 2014.

Stablepharma Technology

Our process involves the ~100% removal of liquid from vaccine dissolved in a special buffer, so that it is left in a completely stable and finely divided dry state absorbed into a, compressible, porous material that is in turn inserted into a standard auto-destruct syringe.

Once the vaccine is delivered to the field it simply needs to be re-hydrated (sterile water) and is ready to inject.

The Stablepharma process allows the precise dosage to be pre-loaded into the syringe at the point of manufacture thus eliminating wastage, reducing costs and ensuring a correct dose is delivered to every patient.

As the vaccine is stored in a stable state it is not temperature sensitive so this removes the necessity for refrigeration.